Success Stories

AOPEN Success Stories deliver vivid insights into the transformative business solutions that we have deployed globally. 

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FC Botiga Megastore

A unique personalised digital in-store experience



Taste Twelve

Restaurant guide highlights concept with compelling product promotion



Mall of America

Destination shopping in less than forty seconds




The WOW factor



Famous Fish

Fish & Chips swim into a digital world


The Queen Mary

Past meets present: The Queen Mary engages with digital signage



Lee Fish

Serving digitised experience without losing personal touch



KPN Rijksmuseum

Fish & Chips swim into a digital world


Nightlife Music

Tuning businesses in to the power of music



BMO Offshore

Vessel Black Box delivers safer sailing



Van Domburg

Surveillance and analytics as a solution



Improving communications for emergency services



Bolsa de Madrid

Real time informative signage on the trade floor

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Enriching commuters’ journey through digital signage



Elevating staff efficiency at healthcare clinics with self-service kiosks


Snackbar Lekkerrr

Self-service kiosk improves queue management and customer experience


Tawar Mall

High-power outdoor digital signage


Visual Display

Queueing made simple


Enseirb Matmeca

Transform the way you learn with AOPEN


IE Company

Growing and scaling together in partnership



Secure and easy-to-manage automated building systems


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