AOPEN Brings Its Innovative Machine Learning solution and AIoT service to Computex Taipei 2019

May 2019,  The disruption of machine learning technology is already bringing global enterprise brands into their digital transformation. With its smart retail, smart manufacturing, and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) solutions, AOPEN is driving rapid changes to the way we daily engage and connect. During this year’s Computex Taipei, AOPEN will exhibit its myriad AIoT solutions and products. These AIoT solutions further demonstrate AOPEN capabilities as a manufacturer and provider of innovative industrial computing products with various hardware and software configurations that integrate across multiple industries.

We live in a fast-paced world, with multiple points of connectivity. AOPEN automates industrial and commercial applications with edge solutions for a growing logistics market. One such technology, to be featured during Computex Taipei, is the AOPEN Parcel Kiosk, a self-service kiosk that automates and quickens factory and retail transactions using 3D cameras, digital scales, and multi-touch screens.

Retail brands large and small increasingly demand the convenience of artificial intelligence to achieve a competitive advantage – increasing profitability with unique, personalized experiences. Until now, smaller retailers have lacked the resources to adopt disruptive technologies, owing to cost, infrastructure, and complex implementation. The rapid development of AI has made machine learning applications accessible to the broader market with solutions such as the AOPEN Grocery Recognition Kiosk. No need for data scientists, IT experts, or even a single line of code, AOPEN uses a recognition technology called M-intelligence to enable grocers to cultivate and train kiosks with unique edge processing technology from AOPEN and meldCX.

It is not only customer-facing automation technology that is seeing swift adoption; factories are becoming smarter and the demand for AI solutions is becoming greater. Smart manufacturing facilities require multi-functional technology for efficiency, accuracy, and safety. The AOPEN All-in-One, with its proprietary AOPEN Intelligent Control Unit (AiCU), features the full, powerful functionalities of a smart kiosk – including self-perception, self-determination, and self-execution. During Computex Taipei, AOPEN will demonstrate how, with its AiCU technology, AOPEN designs adaptive modules and certifies peripherals in its Value Lab environments; its remote management capabilities for smart factory enablement include collecting identification, securing payment, and gathering data. Smart kiosk peripherals can be integrated seamlessly using multiple I/O ports.

AOPEN continues to be a key partner in digital transformation for enterprise brands, anticipating market demand for cutting-edge industrial and commercial applications. 

Date: May 28 – June 1, 2019 (TICC Booth until to 5/31 only)

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