AOPEN Awarded 10 Most Customer-Centric Retail Solution Provider in 2019

May 2019, AOPEN Solutions has proudly been awarded the 10 Most Customer-centric Retail Solutions Providers to Opt for in 2019 by Mirror Review magazine. 



A Major Innovator in Retail Sector

Though it is a renowned entity, AOPEN considers itself like a startup within a large organization. Strategically placed within the Acer Group, AOPEN is nimble enough to innovate and cut through red tape for customers and propose solutions that adopt technology across the whole group. Its board and advisors include industry specialists like founders of large retail brands. Moreover, having retail as a particularly key vertical for it, AOPEN covers many different industries and verticals, from healthcare and hospitality to finance and government.

Supporting Customers to Embrace Challenges

Many business organizations face significant challenges in moving beyond proof of concept to full deployment and implementation of commercial applications and IoT solutions for connected devices. For them, AOPEN’s meldCX can accelerate their business by reducing the cost and complexity of development, simplifying deployment, flexibility, scalability, reducing costs and time to market. In addition, the team of AOPEN also offers advanced capabilities such as enhanced situational awareness, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, which enables its customers to rapidly and easily harness the latest and most powerful technology without getting the assistance from internal developers.



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