AOPEN Amongst Top 20 Most Promising Retail Solutions

January 2019, The retail industry has been going through a massive transformation powered by AI, IoT, advanced analytics, big data, and blockchain. With the advent of cloud-powered software and modern technologies, the supply chain has found a fresh meaning to efficiency and productivity for today’s fast-paced retail businesses. As emerging technologies continue to take centre stage, retail giants are pushing the boundaries to draw in cognitive computing and conversational AI platforms to develop advanced analytics and business intelligence and maximise operational efficiencies. Leveraging such advancements, today’s modern solutions enable enterprise organisations to optimize transportation performance, product tracking, and traceability to analyze product ROI.

As organizations look for a retail solution provider that matches their needs, CIOReview brings forth a comprehensive list of the leading service providers. The listing provides a fresh view of how the technology solutions in this domain can deliver optimization to your retail processes. 

AOPEN is proud to be amongst 20 other top-performing companies to be awarded as 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers by CIOReview. For the full list, click here

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